CHP governance

The Caradon Heritage Partnership is a forum of organisations based in the Caradon Hill area whose aims are concerned with promoting an appreciation of the cultural and natural history of the Caradon Hill area and facilitating related educational opportunities for the wider community.
The CHP constitution
This is the proposed constitution of the organisation to be discussed at the AGM on 2018-11-08. Here are details of the Proposed changes.

The original constitution was adopted on 2013-11-06. The current constitution contains an amendment which was agreed at the AGM on 2016-11-17.

Meeting minutes
Minutes of CHP committee meetings.
Underwriting of expenses
Explanation and application form for underwriting expenses of planned events.
Caradon Heritage constitution (PDF)
Constitution of the Caradon Heritage CIO, first formally discussed at the CHP meeting of 2015-04-30. The PDF form is provided as a specific rendering of this in case there's a need.


This document is maintained by the Caradon Heritage Partnership. Comments should be addressed to CHP_secretary at caradon dot org dot uk.
  1. PNJ, 2014-01-25. Original version.
  2. PNJ, 2014-02-14. Add Minutes framework.
  3. PNJ, 2014-08-19. Add expenses underwriting document.
  4. PNJ, 2015-08-19. Add CH constitution reference.
  5. PNJ, 2016-11-14, 2016-11-18. Constitution updates.
  6. PNJ, 2018-11-01, Refer to 2018 proposed constitution updates.

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